Artists Statement

I am passionate about conveying a sense of vitality
and mood to these works, using a rich palette of pastels or oils
to bring out the best in the subject at hand.

My style is classical, but I try and add a tenderness borne
from life experiences, which I hope evokes emotion
in the eyes of the viewer.

– Dani



Danielle Robertson was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. With an early love of all things creative, she was always sketching and painting during her childhood. At 16 she attended Box Hill College and studied Art & Design for two years. She then went on to do an Associated Diploma in Finished Art, which led her to work for various design houses for the next twelve years. During this time she continued to do life classes and other creative pursuits in her spare time. Danielle is married with three children who have filled the last twelve years, but she has always had a burning desire to go back to her roots and paint again. Inspiration came when she saw a portrait demonstration in pastels by accomplished artist Agata Lelek. From that point on, Danielle was inspired to focus on her artistic passions, and threw all of her efforts and focus into developing her own individual artistic style. Danielle has now broadened her work from portrait, to still life, to life drawing with both oils and pastels. Danielle’s style is classical, with a tenderness borne from life experiences.